Physical Therapists are movement specialists who work to  restore, maintain, and promote optimal physical function.  This intervention is provided for clients across a wide range of traumatic, surgical, and disease processes. Physical Therapists are active in caring for clients with both acute and chronic conditions. Most, although not all of these conditions include some difficulty with movement whether that be with breathing, walking, or writing. Pain including chronic pain is the most common problem that leads to movement impairments treated in Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapists:

          •      Observe movement
          •      Understand movement
          •      Diagnose movement disorders
          •      Enhance movement
          •      Maintain movement
          •      Restore normal movement

Some common conditions causing movement dysfunctions which are typically treated in Physical Therapy include: pneumonia, vertigo, fractures, sprains, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, surgeries, tendon problems, physical deconditioning, balance difficulties, developmental disabilities, stroke and head injuries, sport and work place injuries, and chronic diseases.


Physical Therapy Services are provided by 3 licensed Physical Therapists and include the following:

  • Outpatient services in La Ronge for La Ronge, Air Ronge, and surrounding outpost communities.
  • Inpatient services for La Ronge Hospital
  • Long Term care services for La Ronge Long Term Care Center
  • Paediatric services for children under 5 years of age who have developmental delay in collaboration with ECIP
  • Home Care Services
  • Provision of rehabilitation for WCB and SGI clients.
  • On site outpatient and home care services are provided in the outpost communities of Pinehouse and Sandy Bay
  •  Referrals can be provided for areas of Physical Therapy practice not offered such as pelvic floor training for incontinence.

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