Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services are aimed at improving life participation with daily occupations (within work, leisure and self-care) though rehabilitation, health promotion, adaptation and equipment acquisition.

Services are available for the following target groups:

Paediatric: Many of the paediatric clients are seen as part of the Autism Services. Other referrals come from ECIP, Physiotherapy, the SLP and various doctors. When it is considered relevant these children, especially those through the Autism Services, are assessed for any difficulty with their sensory processing. Other areas that are assessed in the paediatric population, in order to provide an appropriate intervention, are fine and gross motor development and skills, play, self-care, eating, attention and self-regulation. All these areas can also be assessed in the school and home.

Adult and Geriatric: This population is from Long-Term Care, Homecare clinics, Physiotherapy and Acute Care. The services provided include assessment for various equipment needs, cognitive assessments, home safety assessments, hand therapy and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessments. As a result of the assessments the appropriate equipment, rehabilitation and recommendations are provided.

Wheelchair Assessments: While this group is mostly obtained from the geriatric group there are some wheelchair assessments that occur for those who are not geriatric. Most of these assessments result in wheelchairs that can range from standard to more advanced. 

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