Acute Care/Hospital Services

Acute care services within the La Ronge Health Centre provide a wide variety of services including inpatient care, emergency and outpatient care, and labour and delivery for residents of the region living not only in La Ronge, but in many northern communities. The acute care unit is staffed by well trained registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, several of whom have worked in this community for over 25 years. Attending physicians are staffed through Northern Medical Services.


The emergency department at the La Ronge Health Centre is open 24 hours a day for people who require urgent or emergency care.

Appropriate Use of the Emergency Department

The purpose of the Emergency Department at the La Ronge Health Centre and at the Health Centres in Pinehouse and Sandy Bay is to provide timely and appropriate care for people needing critical or life threatening care, and for pre-booked procedures with doctors and nurses.

The people who are in greatest need will always be seen first.

Examples of emergency conditions are:

  • chest pain
  • difficulty breathing
  • sudden and severe unexplained headache
  • serious trauma, bleeding or injuries
  • frequent vomiting and diarrhea
  • broken bones
  • severe abdominal pain
  • suicidal thoughts
  • unexplained weakness or confusion
  • severe allergic reaction
  • rapidly progressing labour

Examples of non-emergency conditions are:

  • minor cuts
  • rash
  • prescription refill
  • cold, sore throat, influenza

When you arrive at the Emergency Department tell the nurse or unit clerk immediately why you are there. If the situation is critical you will be dealt with immediately. If it is not critical, you may be required to wait to see a physician, or you may be referred to the medical clinic.

Inpatient Beds

The La Ronge Health Centre has 18 acute care beds including one observation bed for patients whose condition warrants close monitoring and 4 short stay beds for those patients who require nursing and medical care for less than 24 hours, but who do not need admission to acute care.

Visitors may enter through the Emergency Entrance on the lower level of the La Ronge Health Centre. Please observe the parking signage.

Laboratory, X-Ray & Ultrasound

There is a very modern laboratory, x-ray and ultrasound department staffed by highly qualified and well experienced technicians. These departments also serve the outlying communities by providing diagnostic services to the people living throughout the central area of the region.

Labour and Delivery

Mothers choosing to deliver their babies in La Ronge are encouraged to do so providing their physician feels it is safe and appropriate.

A number of community organizations contribute towards a selection of gifts to honour the first baby born in the New Year at the La Ronge Health Centre. The Catholic Women's League of La Ronge provides a gift package for the family of the baby born on Mother's Day or the earliest date following Mother's Day.



Physiotherapy services are provided by a full-time physiotherapist, based in La Ronge.

Podiatry (Foot Health)

Foot health and podiatry care is provided by a licensed podiatrist who visits the La Ronge Health Centre monthly for 3 days. He is assisted by a nurse who provides care and follow-up between visits. This service is available to all residents of the region.