Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region


Here is a description of the symbolism in the colourful logo used to represent our region.

1. Mamawetan - Cree word for "getting together".

2. A river - running across the logo - depicting the importance of the Churchill River system as well as the movement, flow and constant renewing of life and its choices.

3. Clasping hands as in a handshake - the welcoming and offer of care and togetherness.

4. A symbol to depict health services from a wholistic perspective, i.e. wellness rather than medical care - the phrase "together in wellness" written across the clasped hands emphasizes that the choice of wellness as a lifestyle is a daily process of reaching out and accepting wellness into your life.

5. The Medicine Wheel serves as the base for the logo as it provides the base for wellness. The points on the wheel point the directions of mother earth (north, south, east, west) and north (northern Saskatchewan) points to Mamawetan. The blue for the river runs through the Medicine Wheel into the eagle feathers and also from the clasped hands into the eagle feathers choosing the interrelationship and interdependence of environment, lifestyle, body and spirit. The rising sun reminds us of the newness of each day in its offer of new beginnings for living wellness. It is reflected in the river and continues on into the clasped hands. The choice of living in wellness also reflects outward from the individual to the community by living a lifestyle in harmony with nature, each other and within ourselves. The evergreen trees are a known symbol of northern Saskatchewan and the deep green colour of the environment of the region. The 12 beads on the 4 feathers represent the membership on the Board and the colours of the beads and the North point of the Wheel represents the elements of the Wheel (physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional).

6. The float plane represents the isolation of some of our communities, the peaceful solitude of the land, the strength and independence of its people. It also provides a link to the early origin of the Board services that were provided by the former Northern Health Services Branch.

Overall, this logo represents the importance of new beginnings, choices for wellness, wholeness and good health made each and every day, beginning with the individual. Wellness is then reflected from this individual outward and continues on as an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical flow among the community itself.