Governing Board

Each regional health authority has a governing board which consists of not more than 12 members, including a chair and vice-chair, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

The members of the Mamawetan Churchill River Regional Health Authority and their home communities are:

Ron Woytowich  (Chair) La Ronge
Leslie Oystryk (Vice Chair) Creighton 
Lorraine Bear  Sandy Bay 
Theodore (T.J.) Biemans  Air Ronge 
Lydia Gauthier La Ronge
Betsy Kelly  La Ronge 
Albert Loke  La Ronge 
Morris Zatwarnitski  Weyakawin 



The Mamawetan Churchill River Regional Health Authority is responsible for the planning, organization, delivery and evaluation of health services it is to provide within its health region and within any other area that may be directed by the Minister.

As stated in the Accountability Document, the Mamawetan Churchill River Regional Health Authority is expected to:

  • comply with all legislation, regulations, contracts, policies and directives;
  • comply with all Ministerial information requests; and
  • provide a range of publicly acceptable services appropriate for the facility designation or community in which the service is provided.  


For more information on regional health governance, click here.

The CEO and Board's Role

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports directly to the Board, and has the responsibilities of carrying out the plans, policies and directives set by the Board.  Since the responsibility to manage the organization is delegated to the CEO, the Board has an important duty to ensure that the organization has effective executive management by:

  • recruiting and hiring the CEO;
  • setting expectations as defined in the employment contract and the annual goals and objectives of the organization; and
  • evaluating the performance of the CEO. 

The CEO of the Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region is Andrew McLetchie.

Executive Pay-for-Performance

The CEO is the only individual in the Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region whose compensation includes pay for performance.  To learn more about the Saskatchewan health system's Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan, click here.

The evaluation of the achievement of the goals was completed by the Board and CEO in June, 2013.

The related documents are linked below:

2013 - 2014

MCRRHA Executive Pay-for-Performance Organizational Measures of Performance 2013-14

MCRRHA Performance Measures 2013-14 Final Report

MCRRHA 2013-14 Results Andrew McLetchie CEO

2012 - 2013

MCRRHA Executive Pay-for-Performance Organizational Measures of Performance 2012-13

MCRRHA Performance Measures 2012-13 Final Report

MCRRHA 2012-13 Results Andrew McLetchie CEO

2011 - 2012

For the 2011-12 fiscal year, the goals for Executive Pay-for-Performance were established by the Board members at the time, which included Ron Woytowich, Chair, Ron Pratt, Vice-Chair, Miles Bean, Lorraine Bear, Leon Charles, Al Rivard, Josie Searson, and Louise Wiens, in collaboration with the CEO at the time, Kathy Chisholm.  These included system-wide goals, as well as regional organizational goals.

Kathy Chisholm retired at the end of September, 2011 and Andrew McLetchie assumed the responsibilities of CEO at the beginning of October, 2011.

The same percentage for pay-for-performance was allocated to each of the CEOs, with the payment calculated on the basis of six months of their respective salaries.

MCRRHA Executive Pay-for-Performance Organizational Measures of Performance 2011-12

MCRRHA Performance Measures 2011-12 Final Report

MCRRHA 2011-12 Results Kathy Chisholm CEO

MCRRHA 2011-12 Results Andrew McLetchie CEO   

RHA Notes

Highlights of regular board meetings are issued to the media following each board meeting.

To view RHA Notes click here.