Registered Volunteer First Responder (RVFR)

The First responder program has been designed to assist rural communities in an expeditious response of qualified emergency personnel for the citizens of their community in the event of an emergency.

The Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region provides health care ser-vices to over 24,000 residents in over 50 communities and First Nations, spread over 133,900 square kilometers in the north eastern part of Sas-katchewan. It is the largest health region, covering nearly 25% of the province. The boundaries were established in 1997 when health dis-tricts were formed, and remained the same when health regions estab-lished in 2002.

Over 90 First Responders serve our communities!

Who can be a First Responder?

People from all walks of life can be a First Responder. First Responders care about their community and provide emergency treatment until the ambulance arrives.  

The First Responder program is a comprehensive 40-hour course taught by professional rescuers with real world experience.  The program provides the latest advances in first aid and CPR.

Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region is committed to recruiting new and to retaining existing First Responders. 

How to become a First Responder:

    •    Be 18 years of age or older
    •    Complete the First Responder application form
    •    Apply and successfully complete the First Responder course (see course calendar)
    •    Have the RCMP do a criminal record check
    •    Sign the MCRHR confidentiality form
    •    Apply to Sask Health to become a registered First Responder